MADE IN 2020

The Hero League has its own traditions and rules, each participant is perceived as an equal member of the team and is responsible for his actions to a team of like-minded people, participants accept each other's features and uniqueness, the right to the sphere of vital interests is respected.

Hero League

Sports and healthy lifestyle

International starts, mentoring, professional competitions, nutritional science, amateur tournaments and power shows, impressive records and an active lifestyle, patriotism.

Our principles and values

  • Help each other
  • A responsibility
  • Courage and Honor
  • Justice
  • Self-development
  • Mutual trust
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork skills
  • Unity
  • Mutual respect

Our family

Mikhail Viktorovich Koklyaev

Head of the Board of Trustees of the Power Extreme Federation of Russia, the most titled athlete in Russia.

Evgeny Markov

The co-author of the project is the master of sports in powerlifting, the record holder of Russia and the World.

Ekaterina Zaitseva

The co-author of the project is the master of sports in powerlifting, the record holder of Russia and the World.

Gribov Dmitry Igorevich

President of the Regional Power Extreme Federation of the Moscow Region

Kobanov Artem Evgenievich

The record holder of Russia and the World in power extreme FEPR representative in Moscow

Vasily Grishchenko

President of the OFSOO "Power Extreme Federation of Russia", public figure, organizer of sports and public events.

Join us

You are on our team if:
You are 14 years old
You are from a union state
Do you like sports and a healthy lifestyle
Active life position
Ready to explore the world
Ready to help people

Why join the Hero League?


You have the opportunity to participate in the annual award, the opportunity to travel, and also influence the development of the Hero League


How to enter?
What will I get after joining the heroic league?
  • We will add you to our VK, Telegram chats.
  • In groups, we create unique content: live broadcasts with stars, publish useful expert advice, discuss various topics, and even argue!
  • The participants of the Hero League will have more events, there will be more opportunities and priorities!
  • Discounts and bonuses from partners: buy sports nutrition, clothes with discounts!
  • Giveaways: win clothes, tickets, trips and more!
  • Create your project and we will support it: we will design the idea, think over the structure, send T-shirts! Become the leader of our team, and we will help you!

Our events


Moscow Open Strongman Cup.

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Final of the Russian Championship 2019 Togliatt...

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Siberian Power Show 2020

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Our partners

Project coordinator — Vasily Grishchenko