How to move ten cars and set a new record

On December 26, 2019, the senior coach of the Sevastopol Powerlifting Federation Mikhail Paller, together with two heroes, dragged a train weighing 1000 tons on rails. According to strongman, it took not only strength, but also ingenuity to set the record. “We need to simulate this first effort as much as possible. The fact is that a train is not a car – it rolls along the rails quite smoothly. But the challenge is that all three of us weigh 400 kilograms for three – this is the maximum. We can develop an effort to a maximum of one and a half tons, an impulse of some kind. And the weight of the composition is 800. This is pure physics, here you need to develop an effort for a certain time and keep it, ”Mikhail Paller shared.

The strongest Omsk region set a record in pulling a “road train”

The achievement of Anastasia Shapova was recorded in front of hundreds of Omsk residents on Cathedral Square. On August 4, at the traditional tournament “The Strongest Omsk”, in which 10 more or less titled athletes came out to measure their strengths, there was a place for a pretty, but not at all fragile blonde – Anastasia Shapova officially bears the title of one of the strongest representatives of the fair sex in the vast our homeland. A young woman from Omsk, whose weight barely exceeds 60 kilograms, has infringed on the record for the so-called backstop (that is, without moving from a place) traction of a “train” of 4 foreign cars with a total weight of about 8 tons. And I achieved what I wanted!

Anastasia Shapova set a Russian record in towing a road train weighing 8 tons, stretching it 16 meters in 49 seconds! She managed to set a record for Russia and write her name in the history of the country’s power extreme.

Attempt to set a deadlift record among masters

On June 27, 2020, the Omsk hero Mikhail Shivlyakov will try to set a record in the “Deadlift” in the category of masters live. The event will take place as part of Feats of Strength, a world series of self-isolation competitions organized by World’s Ultimate Strongman. A number of similar online competitions have already taken place.

The rival of the strongest Russian athlete, winner and prize-winner of international tournaments in extreme power, Mikhail Shivlyakov, will be Terry Hollands, holder of the title “The Strongest Man of Great Britain”.

The competition will be held among the masters, that is, the age of the participants is 40 and more years. World strong mastodons will fight for an attempt to beat the already existing result in this category – 430 kg.

In addition to local referees, the athletes will be judged by an experienced judge, the most titled strongman of our time, Zydrunas Savickas from Lithuania. Online record is a new format of competition for power extreme, and it was first tested a couple of months ago. So, a Siberian, being in Omsk, and an Englishman – in Great Britain – will arrange a competition and will watch each other through the monitor screen.

According to the rules of the event, each athlete will have to make three attempts to set the record live.