Moscow Open Strongman Cup.

05 June 2021
Moscow, Luzhniki


1. Log-lift 110 kg in 60 sec.
2. Farmer’s walk 2 x 110 kg 20 + 20 m
Limit 60 sec
3. Relay.
Tire flip 280 kg for 5 reps + 70 kg dumbbell lift per amount for the remaining time.
Limit 90 sec.
4. Deadlift of the axel to the maximum
3 attempts
5. Satin stone 115 kg on the shoulder
Limit 60 sec.


Axel 50 kg x 2 – dumbbell 30 kg x 2 – log 50 maximum amount for the remaining time
2. Walk of the farmer 2 x 70 kg 20 m (cylinders)
Limit 60 sec.
3. Tire drawing 100 kg 20 + 20 m
4. Deadlift of the axel to the maximum
3 attempts


Siberian Power Show 2020

Power Extreme | StrongMan on the stage of the 5th Anniversary Siberian Power Show 2020 Krasnoyarsk on March 8-9


Bekasov Andrej g. Krasnoyarsk
Velichko Arnol’d g. Krasnoyarsk
Veselov Innokentij g. Krasnoyarsk
Gavrilenko Evgenij g. Saratov
Dvoreckij Maksim g. Moskva
Zinec Aleksandr g. Tobol’sk
Kolmakov YUrij g. Omsk
Kuz’min Aleksandr g. Elec
Kuz’min YUrij g. N. Novgorod
Logunov Dmitrij g. Moskva
Martynenko Petr g. Abakan
Ostapenko Valerij g. Moskva
Ramazanov Ramil’ g. Kuzneck
Umnov Dmitrij g. Krasnoyarsk

The winner of the power extreme tournament was Peter Martynenko from Abakan. “I have been preparing for the tournament for only two months. I just really missed the performances!” – this is how Peter explained his victory. Together with the champion’s cup, Peter received a check for 80 thousand rubles!


Omsk strongman won the
«Arnold Amateur Classic – 2020» medal

The hero from Omsk again showed the whole world Siberian strength and daring. Eugene Markov – climbed the podium of the largest international tournament.

Omich once again took part in the “Arnold Amateur Classic – 2020” power extreme competitions, which were held from March 5 to 8 in Columbus (USA). As a result, the pupil of the coach Vasily Grishchenko, Evgeny Markov, climbed the highest step of the podium.

Omsk athlete constantly become the best in all-Russian and world competitions. Last year, Omsk strongman Yevgeny Markov became the most powerful man in Russia.