How to move ten cars and set a new record

On December 26, 2019, the senior coach of the Sevastopol Powerlifting Federation Mikhail Paller, together with two heroes, dragged a train weighing 1000 tons on rails. According to strongman, it took not only strength, but also ingenuity to set the record. “We need to simulate this first effort as much as possible. The fact is that a train is not a car – it rolls along the rails quite smoothly. But the challenge is that all three of us weigh 400 kilograms for three – this is the maximum. We can develop an effort to a maximum of one and a half tons, an impulse of some kind. And the weight of the composition is 800. This is pure physics, here you need to develop an effort for a certain time and keep it, ”Mikhail Paller shared.